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The 5th Wave....of Feminism

A new movie called The 5th Wave starring Chloe Moretz has just been released. To help you decide if you wish to see it or not, i have done a breakdown of the trailer for you below. You are welcome. 

This is a nice traditional family. A mum, a dad, a boy, and a girl. But all is not as it seems. Look at the dad. Why is he leaving his beautiful family? I am apprehensive. 

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 4.34.11 PM.png

This is the mother, driving away. Without the children in the car. Why isn't she staying at home? Something isn't right.

There is also something wrong in this classroom. Look closely, and you will see. That's right, this is a co-ed school. How are these young men meant to learn with girls nearby? Why is this happening to them? What kind of movie is this??

A mysterious object in the atmosphere. Could it be toros? No, it is too big for that. Whatever it is...Bring it On.

Look how terrified they are. They can feel something coming. Something bad. Could it be...equal pay for equal work? Reproductive rights? Surely not, surely no movie could go that far.

The entire family runs out of the house to see what is outside. The mother is obviously in a costume, dressed as a surgeon. Women can't be surgeons. Why would she be the only one in a costume? It's not halloween. I have goosebumps..

Oh my fucking god. The world is doomed. The mysterious object is a spaceship full of



Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 4.42.01 PM.png

Thank god. A real man is here. He is immune to feminism!!! 

He joins the rest of the immune men in the Pentagon. Most men have been destroyed. They are Pentagone. They realise they are defeated.

Fifth-wave feminists refuse to use tampons. They destroy the world's supplies. Menstrual blood comes in waves. 

The combined force of men's tears from all over the world start to destroy building

The feminists start to brainwash young girls, hooking them up to a machine that tells them they are 'equal' and should 'have respect'. Absolutely bone-chilling.

Men are emasculated, forced to wear effeminate glasses. 

With no men to drive the cars, the roads are chaos. 

Even Zooey Deschanel starts attacking men

The lesbians start to grow facial hair

At the end, there is one lone Pick Up Artist left. He attempts to stare down the feminists. 

He surrenders when they torture him by stealing the tips of his gloves. He knows what is next. 

He doesn't get a trigger warning. 

This movie is a documentary about what will happen if we allow feminism to continue. If it is allowed to reach a 5th Wave. It is a warning. Society will be doomed. See this movie, and act. Join your local MRA group. Complain on the internet. Help us.