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donts & dos

don’t become fat/don’t wear clothes that draw attention to your body/don’t draw attention to your body any other way/don’t be loud/don’t be silly/don’t be confident/don’t eat in public/don’t eat too much anywhere/don’t eat too little/don’t eat/don’t complain that shops don’t have clothes for you/don’t wear ugly clothes/don’t make a fuss/don’t sweat/don’t look like you are sweating/don’t look like you are straining/don’t smell bad/don’t exercise in public/don’t look dishevelled/don’t sit down on the bus/don’t take up too much space/don’t take up any space/don’t react when that stranger looks disgusted at you/don’t make eye contact/don’t react when that guy behind you calls you a fat bitch/don’t react/don’t expect anyone to fuck you unless they are desperate/don’t love your body/don’t love your thighs/don’t love your mind/don’t feel sexy/don’t think that you deserve respect/don’t think you deserve to be treated like a human/don’t love yourself/don’t be fat

do be fat/do ignore those thoughts/do stand up for yourself/do take the space you are owed/do dress how you want/do get attention if you desire it/do embrace yourself/do fuck people who love your body/do love your own body/do love yourself/do use your body/do demand respect/do whatever the fuck you want