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I loved Stella for all of the reasons you’ve read about today. She was a brilliant writer, and a passionate advocate. I am desperately sad that we have lost her.

But besides all of these attributes and accolades, when it comes down to it, I loved her for the same reason I treasure anyone: because she was fucking hilarious.

I wanted to share a moment that is bright in my mind, because I never want to forget how astonishingly funny she was, and this moment made me laugh like I don’t very often. We were at dinner with several people in Sydney. As a side-note, the dinner location had to be moved because the original restaurant wasn’t accessible. So let's keep up the fucking fight. Complain about access problems, write letters, talk to a manager at a restaurant if you see the disabled toilet being used for storage, as it often is. Do something.

Anyway, at this dinner, Stella was telling us about her experience with online dating. Every moment she described was funny. But in the end, she had finally decided to shut down her online dating account. 

She clicked through to the appropriate page, and the screen read,  “Are you sure you want to disable your account?”

Stella paused, and delivered her punch line with perfect timing and cadence, “Well technically, my account already was disabled.” 

Goodbye Stella. We’ll miss you.