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So fresh and clean

I tuned into an episode of America's Next Top Model yesterday and it happened to be the once-a-season makeover episode. I am the kind of person/moron who will watch a makeover episode of just about any television show and enjoy every second. One of the main kind of makeover shows is 'unattractive' people finally having enough chemicals slathered onto their faces and into their bodies to make them palatable enough to walk down the street without people yelling slurs at them from cars (spoiler! if they are female this probably still happens after their makeover). don't particularly enjoy this kind of makeover, probably because i definitely need one but refuse to give in (the blobfish is my spirit genetic monster animal).

The kind of makeover episode i really enjoy is when an absolutely stunning twenty-year-old opens an envelope and inside the more and more insane Tyra Banks has written down what thing she wants to happen to them. Most of the time it's something like 'hey stunning model who is young and stunning, we are going to dye your already dyed blonde hair a different shade of blonde' and the model cries about how when they had that other particular shade of blonde the mean girl at school teased them once, and it brings back terrible memories of being gorgeous but sad for a few seconds until her mother bought her a new pony and somehow the sadness and crying makes her even more beautiful. 

The site you are visiting now is the result of my makeover episode. My old blog was a hot mess, and now it is beautiful and Australia's Next Top Blogdel. As a result i will hopefully be updating it a lot more often, because now i can stand to look at it without vomiting.